"We can't expect families to read when they don't have the time or resources."

Angelin Thompson

Academic Director

Rocky Mountain Prep works to get every family reading at home. School leaders and teachers focus on literacy as the early foundation for all grades to come.

The challenge school leaders faced was getting books to all families and knowing they actually read, without extra work for teachers.

Today, RMP gets families reading and building literacy through StoryTime. That's shown:

  • More reading: 96% of families on StoryTime reading 3 times a week.
  • Literacy impact: improved phonological awareness, comprehension, and print knowledge.
  • Engaged families: most parents reporting significantly stronger relationships with teachers.

Part 1

The Challenge of Reading at Home.

"By the time the day is done, and kids are fed, and baths are had, there's really just exhaustion. And no-one has time to read."

Angelin Thompson

Academic Director

Teachers, school leaders, and families at Rocky Mountain Prep saw many challenges to reading at home.

Youku, RMP mother: "Last year as a parent was really hard for me. I have to work from 6 to 6, and then when I get home I have to find books. And sometimes we don't get to those books."

Angelin Thompson, Academic Director: "When you're choosing between getting food on the table or paying your rent, books are not a necessity for most families that are struggling."

Part 2

Building Reading Habits, Easy.

"It's just a no brainer. There's literally no lift on the teacher."

Angelin Thompson

Academic Director

Teachers and school leaders used StoryTime as an easier way to get families reading at home.

"They're books that I don't have to copy, I don't have to find, I don't have to send them home and worry about if they come back, I don't have to have a check-in check-out system."

Angelin Thompson

Academic Director

Youku, RMP mother: "All you have to do is take your phone and tell your child to come and sit. You don't have to do too much. Especially as a single parent at home, it's really helpful for me."

Part 3

The results

"That I've been able to offer our Pre-K something of this magnitude makes my job a lot easier, because then I don't have to worry about remediation."

Angelin Thompson

Academic Director

Teachers and school leaders used StoryTime as an easier way to get families reading at home.

Angelin Thompson, Academic Director: "To give parents an opportunity to bond around literacy and to just be close with their kid- it's just an amazing thing to be able to give that to families. You're actually touching lives. It's everything that we hoped would happen."

Youku, RMP mother: "She laughs, she points at the pictures. She just talks and talks, and sometimes she'll read when I read to her. She's very happy, and that makes me happy."

Key Results

More Reading

96% of RMP StoryTime families are reading 3 times a week

Increased Literacy

Increased phonological awareness, comprehension, and print knowledge skills.

Engaged Families

Most families report stronger relationships and more support from their teacher.

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